Corporate Design

The individual, visual appearance of a company: the face of the brand.

Störtebeker Brauspezialitäten

Störtebeker Brauspezialitäten Corporate Design - new development

The connection of the past and presence works as the foundation for the relaunch of the brand "STÖRTEBECKER Brauspezialitäten" (brew specialities). Wertmarke develops the key- visual, a cog on the rough sea, as a symbol for the myth...

Kunstschule Wandsbek

Kunstschule Wandsbek Corporate Design - Relaunch

Communication on eye- level is the motto of the School of Arts in Wandsbek.„ Direct quotes and snapshots of their everyday life shape their broshures, website....


CANUSA Corporate Design - Relaunch

CANUSA, den Marktführer für Nordamerikareisen, unterstützt wertmarke mit einem sanften Facelift des Logos, einem...

Commerzbank AG

Commerzbank AG Corporate Design - Relaunch

The coporate design guidelines for the new face of the Commerzbank were given according to their motto "ideas forward". In this process wertmarke edits all print media, defines future guidelines...

Binzer Bucht

Binzer Bucht Corporate Design - Neuentwicklung einer Dachmarke

In einem 18-monatigen Markenbildungsprozess entwickelt wertmarke die neue Dachmarke „Binzer Bucht“ mit den Submarken „Binz“ und „Prora“. Entstanden ist ein Corporate Design für den...


VIVOTEC Corporate Design – Relaunch

Client and VIVOTEC- owner Hubert Verhak is the inventor and worldwide patentee of O2- technology in the food...

PROBIO Gewürzmanufaktur

PROBIO Gewürzmanufaktur Corporate Design - Relaunch

The traditional brand PROBIO, founded in 1954, instructs wertmarke to do a relaunch of their logo and to develop a new overall brand presence for the...


scoyo Corporate Design - new development

Wertmarke develops the coporate design for scoyo, a project from Bertelsmann AG. For their e-learning platform online a new logo and popular figure, which is...

becker & partner

becker & partner Corporate Design - Relaunch

As part of a generation change at the managerial level of the traditional accouting and tax advisory company in Hamburg, wertmarke reworks...

Strandräuber Natur Radler

Strandräuber Natur Radler Corporate Design - Relaunch

Das Naturradler von Standräuber erhält im Zuge eines Relaunchs ein nordisch-frisches Corporate Design, das Logo, Screendesign, POS-Ausstattung...

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